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Based on a 2 acre play area. Your dog is excerised in 6 large grass padocks 3 times per day.
Individual dogs are accomodated in 40ft long runs by day and individual heated kennels by night. Vet on call.  Vet visit service available, if you are tied up in work and can’t make your appointment we can bring our dog for you.  All dogs must be fully vaccinated and vaccinated for kennel cough prior to boarding.
To help your dog settle in, we suggest you bring a toy or other item that they are familiar with.

Terms & Conditions

  • All dogs are accepted by us on the condition that they are not suffering from any infections condition. We will only take dogs that have been vaccinated (including kennel cough). Vaccination certificate is required from any  vet.
  • We need to be advised of any health problems when booking your dog with us.
  • A letter from your vet will be required if your dog shows any signs of recent illness, such as sores, bald patches etc.
  • Any veterinary fees paid by us for your dog will be added to your fee on your return.

  • While we make every effort to provide for the safety and well being of your dog, we accept no responsibility for any accident or misadventure that may happen while your dog is in our care.

Open for Arrivals & Departures:

Opening Times:

Day Time
Mon - Sun 9.00am – 12.00pm
Mon - Sun 5.00 pm to 6.30pm

Current Prices:

€20 per dog, per day.
€35 for 2 dogs, per day.
€50 for 3 dogs, per day.

*Above are daily charges if your dog stays beyond 12.00 noon the following day you will be charged for a second day.

*Our reception is not open for arrivals/departures on Christmas Day, Stephens Day and New Years Day, however we are still taking care of your pets.

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